About Stitch Web

Stitch Web Solutions is web design agency based from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. We provide instant web solutions to small businesses in the country and around the globe.

Our Story

We started this company last 2014 when we decided to work as a freelancer in oDesk, now Upwork. After three months, we paused the operation because we were hired by an agency based from Florida.

It was a tough decision but we were able to secure funds for our own and at the same time we were able to grow and acquire knowledge. Now, we–the stitchers are back again for our very own little agency with all the tools and knowledge that we have acquired in the last few years. The stitchers are back again!

Meet the stitchers!

Kirk the Explorer

Kirk the Explorer

Webmaster, Project Manager

Red Jun Suminguit aka Kirk Santos is a webmaster with excellent WordPress skills. He has been building WordPress sites for more than two years now. He knows how to play guitar but suck at playing Clash Royale.
Kelly the Owl

Kelly the Owl

Graphics Designer, Animator

Theresa Laroco aka Kelly the Owl is a proficient graphic artist and blogger. She has been creating brochures, designing shirts and logos for different companies. She loves trekking with her friends and at the same time photography.

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